PPS Membership

Pakistan Psychiatric Society (PPS) was founded in 1972 and registered in Karachi, Pakistan under Societies Registration Act, 1860. Pakistan Psychiatric Society is working with the mission of providing highest level of compassionate, specialized and effective care to psychiatric patients without discrimination, and also promulgation of mental health education at all levels.

By becoming a member you would get;

  • Expert career support
  • Information on trends across Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
  • Advanced Mental Health networking opportunities
  • Right to Vote in PPS Elections
  • Access to Journal Of Pakistan Psychiatric Society

PPS Special Interest Group

PPS Special Interest Groups were developed during cabinet 2019-2020 under the leadership of President Prof Iqbal Afridi.

Its terms of references are as follows;

-Create a network of members interested in exploring same potentials of relevant SIG in research and therapeutic practices.

-Develop network with relevant institutes and sister organization to enhance functioning and develop capacity.

-Nomenclature of various diseases in national and regional languages.

-Sub-group of common disorders i.e. Subsection of tobacco related clinic guidelines and research in addictionology group.

-Research in relevant SIG.

-Preventive and promotional strategies.

-Workshops and educational seminars with the approval of PPS.

-Observing international days related to the sections/ SIGs.

-Biannually activities report to PPS.

-Quarterly meetings minimum. (Meetings can be virtual or in person).

-Extension of SIG membership and chairs will be decided in the executive meeting of PPS according to performance. Maximum three extensions can be granted to chairs and members.

-Chairs and membership can be changed in case of resignation and declining performance.

-Advocacy and policy making at government and non-govt. levels.

-Duration of SIG will be 4 years.

-All SIGs are purely on voluntary basis.