PPS Research Mentor Award

Pakistan Psychiatric Society is pleased to announce a research initiative to mentor systematic technicalities and integrity in aspiring researchers in the field of psychiatry. Seven grants of each rupees 300000 will be awarded on pure merit basis to early career psychiatrists or senior post graduate residents of psychiatry in order to inculcate research interests and procedure of the present grant will help learn them peculiar technical delicacy of research proposals. Applications are invited through online portal.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Applicants must be residents of Pakistan and representing a public sector psychiatric unit.
  2. Early career psychiatrists are those fellows of CPSP who have three years or less post fellowship experience while senior post graduate residents are those who have passed IMM. 
  3. Proposal for grant must be other than the dissertation of the applicant.
  4. Proposal must be prospective, quantitative and original (no duplicate).
  5. Proposal must not be submitted elsewhere.
  6. Proposal must not be utilizing or intend to utilize any other financial support.
  7. The applicant is not availing this grant for any other proposal or has not availed it in the past.
  8. Last date of submission is 15th July 2022.


  1. Applications for research mentor award is submitted online along with proposal through authorized address on authentic web address given below. Applications will not be entertained if submitted by other means like what’s app, postal courier, or e mail to any personal e address of the office bearers.
  2. Applications will be rejected during screening if found incomplete, ambiguous, late submission or submitted ignoring the eligibility criteria mentioned.
  3. A dedicated committee will scrutinize the applications for scope, quality, feasibility and technical aspects of the proposal. The committee may suggest changes to the proposal if deemed so.
  4. Committee would decide top seven proposals on merit basis.
  5. First installment would be released equal to half of the grant after ethical review certificate is issued by the concerned competent authority. This phase ( containing submission, scrutiny, changes if needed and getting ethical review certificate) should not take more than three months.
  6. A mid research evaluation will be conducted after three months of the release of first installment by the committee to appraise (through report submitted by the awardees) whether candidate has made satisfactory progress in the right direction to qualify for the release of the next installment. Second installment will contain half of the remaining amount.
  7. Candidate will submit the complete research report after six months of the release of first installment. Committee would evaluate the report and suggest changes if needed.
  8. Last installment of the remaining amount will be reserved for publication assistance. PPS would encourage the research to be published in international periodical of high standard. Last installment will be released after the acceptance from such a journal to aid publication fee.

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