PPS Helps Flood Affectees

Pakistan recently has been hit by catastrophic floods. At least 1,695 people were killed while 12,865 were injured so far since mid-June due to the devastating floods and rains in Pakistan, according to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).
Since mid-June 2022, Pakistan has experienced extreme monsoon weather, which has resulted in widespread flooding and landslides and had a significant negative impact on infrastructure, crops, human life, and property.

The government of Pakistan has so far designated 81 districts in five of Pakistan’s six provinces as “disaster stricken,” with Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Sindh provinces suffering the worst damage. At least 1,481 people have perished, over 12,720 people have been injured, and an estimated 7.6 million people may be temporarily displaced as of mid-September. 33 million people have been affected.

1.8 million homes have been destroyed or damaged as a result of the floods, 1.5 million of which are in Sindh province.

Pakistan Psychiatric Society therefore several Medical camps in its relative chapters for flood affectees.

Dr Moti Ram Chapter Chief Sindh Did a medical camp in rural areas of Sindh and provided free medications too flood affectees

More than 500 patients were assessed & given free medicines by Assistant Professor Dr Hafiz Shafique Ahmad Lound & his team in Peripheral areas of DGK.

Free Mental Health Camp for Flood Affectees of Baluchistan,was arranged by Prof. Dr. Ghulam Rasool

Similary in Khyberpakhtunkhwa Free Mental Health Camp for Flood Affectees. was organised by PPS KPK chapter by Dr. Mukhtar Ul Haq Azeemi and Dr imran khan & another medical camp was arranged by by Dr. Mian Iftikhar near Pabbi

In Tonsa Sharif , Prof Naeem Laghari arranged a Medical Camp for the affectees and needful.

Report by
Dr Ali Ahsan Mufti
Information Secretary
Pakistan Psychiatric Society

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