College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan Programmes

The College was established in 1962 through an ordinance of the Federal Government. The objectives/functions of the College include promoting specialist practice of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology,Psychiatry Dentistry and other specialties by securing improvement of teaching and training, arranging postgraduate medical, surgical and other specialists training, providing opportunities for research, holding and conducting examinations for awarding College diplomas and admission to the Fellowship of the College.

Since its inception, the College has taken great strides in improving postgraduate medical and dental education in Pakistan. Competency-based structured Residency Programs have now been developed, along with criteria for accreditation of training institutions and for the appointment of supervisors and examiners. The format of examinations has evolved over the years to achieve greater objectivity and reliability in methods of assessment.

The recognition of the standards of College qualifications nationally and internationally, particularly of its Fellowship, has enormously increased the number of trainees, and consequently the number of training institutions and the supervisors. The rapid increase in knowledge base of medical sciences and consequent emergence of new subspecialties have gradually increased the number of CPSP fellowship disciplines to seventy, which includes twenty four second fellowships in certain super specialties.


Dean of Faculty of Psychiatry

Prof. Dr. Iqbal Afridi


General Secretary Faculty of Psychiatry

Dr. Mukhtar-ul-Haq Azeemi


MD Psychiatry Programmes

The aim of four years MD programme in Psychiatry is to train residents to acquire the competency of a specialist in the field of Psychiatry so that they can become good teachers, researchers and clinicians in their specialty after completion of their training.

Here are several MD Programmes in Psychiatry being offered Nationwide: