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Collobrative Outcomes Study on Health & Functioning During Infection Times.
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In Pursuance of PPS Executive Committee directives, Pakistan Psychiatric Society
is pleased to notify PPS Election Committee for upcoming PPS Election 2020.

PPS Election Committee 2020

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Corona Virus Prevention and Social Distancing (Urdu message)
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Afridi
President PPS
Mental Health during COVID-19 pandemic. Be a reducer of Anxiety, not producer
Dr. Washdev
Information Secretary PPS
A state of Panic is created among all ... Let’s be realistic & also find out ways to adjust during Self Isolation
Dr. Ali Ahsan Mufti
Executive Member PPS
Psychological Treatment and Rehabilitation of Corona Virus
Prof. Dr. Shajaat Ali Khan
Psychiatrist Khyber Medical University Peshawar
کرونا وائرس کی وجہ سے خوف و ہراس ذہنی تناؤ کا مقابلہ کریں
ڈاکٹر نور فراز ماہر نفسیات
کنسلٹنٹ سائکیٹرسٹ
A Public Message Of Professor Dr Ghulam Rasool Psychiatrist On #COVID19
Prof. Dr. Ghulam Rasool
Vice President PPS
Corona kay zehni asraat se bachao
Professor Raza ur Rahman
Professor and Ex-Chairman Psychiatry DUHS
Professor Dr. Wahab Yousafzai & Dr. Imran Khan talks about how to cope with Corona Fear
Shahrah E Dastoor with Rasheed Safi | Khyber News
Mental Health Issues During Corona Virus COVID 19
Dr. Asad Tamizuddin Nizami
Executive Member PPS

Pakistan Psychiatric Society


Pakistan Psychiatric Society (PPS) was founded in 1972 and registered in Karachi, Pakistan under Societies Registration Act, 1860. Pakistan Psychiatric Society is working with the mission of providing highest level of compassionate, specialized and effective care to psychiatric patients without discrimination, and also promulgation of mental health education at all levels.

It aims to facilitate research activities and provide a strong base for multidisciplinary training based on Biopsychosocial Model.

PPS is a member society of World Psychiatric Association (WPA) and has developed into an independent and one of the largest scientific and professional psychiatric membership organizations, representing psychiatrists not only all over Pakistan, but also has distinguished members, globally.

This society is committed to promote excellence in the field of Psychiatry, provide the best clinical practice based on recent advancements and recommended guidelines, promote Mental Health and wellbeing, prevention of mental illnesses and reduce the stigma associated with psychiatric illness. It seeks to advance the profession of Psychiatry at both national and international levels, and develop Mental Health into a Global Asset.

PPS regularly organizes public awareness programs, promotes research; publishes scientific journals, bulletins and magazines on mental health issues.

“Never give up on someone with mental illness. When I is replaced by We, illness becomes wellness” Shannon L. Alder


“Promotion of Mental Health, professionalism, ethically sound care for patients & their caregivers, teaching & training along with research & development in the field of Psychiatry glocally in liaison with the global community.”

Mission statement

PPS is committed to:

  • Highest level of compassionate, specialized and effective care to psychiatric patients.
  • Facilitate research activities at all levels.
  • Education and Dissemination of knowledge regarding Mental Health education.
  • Multidisciplinary training based on Biopsychosocial model.

Tasks/Strategy for PPS Cabinet 2019-20

  1. Organization of PPS
    • Vision, Mission & Anthem
    • PPS Vision, Mission & Anthem
    • PPS owned property for its Head office
    • Gantt chart/Agenda for months and years
    • Calendar to display WHO, WFMH and International Awareness Days i.e. WMHD, Suicide Prevention day etc.
    • Membership drive
    • Overseas groups
    • Wings for Overseas, Associate members, Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Psychiatric nurses, Caregivers, Self-help groups, Media, Judiciary, Medical students and Volunteers
    • Yearly awards for best performance among junior and senior Psychiatrists and other Mental Health Professionals (Research/publication, CME/CPD, Public Awareness/Media, Innovative work etc.
    • Ethical relationship with pharmaceutical sector.

  2. Patients’ care
    • Psychiatric services in all districts of the country and Availability of medicines
    • Focal person in each zone/district
    • Various task groups
    • PFA (Look, Listen, Link, Live) at major hospitals/ A & E/ Schools/Colleges, Corporate Sector etc.
    • Community Psychiatry
    • Development of Subspecialties
    • Tele-psychiatry for the remote areas and for Pakistanis living abroad with less resources e.g., Dubai, Afghanistan etc.

  3. Public awareness
    • Consensus on nomenclatures related to mental health professions in Urdu and other local languages
    • Radio, TV and social media programs in different languages
    • Updated Website
    • Urdu Magazine-Zahni Sehat/ Nafsiat aur Zindagi
    • Special groups for various diseases with task to translate common disorders in Urdu
    • Helpline (SOPs, Disease Manuals, Brochures, social media, audio and video developments for common issue e.g. sleep hygiene, tobacco cessation, health lifestyle, Balanced diet, mental health network etc.)

  4. Teaching / training
    • Liaison with local bodies (PMDC, HEC and CPSP) and international (RCPsych, WPA, MFAI)
    • Categorize and standardize Psychiatry departments as Class I to III
    • Responsibility of recognizing departments to facilitate new/unrecognized departments for recognition
    • Helping juniors in Research and Training with exposure to international setups and conferences
    • Developing local Guidelines
    • Books & Assessment Tools
    • Medical College status for Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences
    • Groups Ethical, Research, CME/CPD
    • Training of Lady Health Workers
    • Developing new teaching & training methods and training slots in UK, Ireland etc.
    • Question Banks for BCQs.

  5. Research & Development
    • Situation analysis
    • National Survey
    • Disease Registry
    • Research dissertations availability on website
    • Identification of areas for research in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation
    • Research themes important for the country for dissertation with funding
    • Subspecialties involving Epidemiologists and Statisticians
    • Letter to Bureau of Statistics for inducting questions on mental health related morbidity and disabilities.

  6. Publication
    • Developing JPPS impact factor
    • Chapter in books at middle school level
    • Urdu Magazine Zahni Sehat/ Tibb e Nafsiat aur Zindagi
    • Research bank.

  7. Advocacy, Support & Policy making
    • National Mental Health Policy
    • Implementation of Mental Health Acts (MHA)
    • Translation of MHA in local languages
    • Liaison with Judiciary, Home Departments, Bureaucrats, Police, Media etc.
    • Promotion of Positive Mental Health
    • Induction of mental health components/Psychiatric facilities in proposed federal model hospitals and all districts; and in the non-communicable diseases (NCDs)
    • Implementation of laws related to Tobacco & Benzodiazepines, and OTC drugs availability.

  8. Global Mental Health
    • Liaison with International Organizations (WHO, WPA, RCPsych, APA, EPA, Brain Trust UK, RSM, WFMH etc.)
    • 24th International Conference
    • Organising a Thematic conference in collaboration with WPA 2020.

News and Events