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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Afridi

President PPS 2019-2020

Message from President

I am greatly honoured and excited about the opportunity to lead the Pakistan Psychiatric Society (PPS) for the tenure 2019-20. Since the oath taking ceremony on November 2018, our cabinet and I have received overwhelming encouragement and support from you. Thank you for entrusting us with the task of leading this extraordinary organization, welcoming us so warmly and for helping to prepare me for my new responsibilities.

My first duty as the incoming President is to thank the previous office bearers and founding members of PPS for their dedication and hard work, which has taken this organization to all corners of the globe representing our specialty, and ensuring we maintain our national identity and international footprint.

Reflecting on the lessons and achievements of the last two years, my council and I have devised a Strategic plan for “Shaping the Future of Psychiatry and Mental health in Pakistan’’. Our PPS Vision, Mission and Agenda for change focuses on areas of opportunity where PPS could distinguish itself as one of the top psychiatric professional organizations of the world and also transform mental and behavioral health in Pakistan.

Complementing the ongoing strategic initiatives, four areas were identified as benefiting from additional planning and a sharper focus:

1) Advancement of the study, practice and research in mental health, psychiatry and care delivery by harnessing the power of information technology and data science;

2) Promotion of the teaching, both under-graduate and post-graduate and professional development and support for psychiatrists in-training, with initiation of subspecialties as per global trends;

3) Reducing mental health disparities through public awareness, destigmatisation, and practice of positive psychiatry;

4) Community engagement in the form of advocacy, support and policymaking in collaboration with key global stake-holders.

With these few transformative objectives in mind during my term as the President, I shall also be working to formulate some organizational developments. My team and I, encourage participation of our professional seniors with their wisdom and the juniors with their dynamic and innovative skills. We will draw on your expertise through meetings, working groups, conversations, and if necessary via member-wide surveys.

We shall strive to make our tenure pleasant, productive and progressive. Let us work together in “Promoting Mental health as a National Capital,” in liaison with the global psychiatric community.

I truly appreciate your support in the coming term and the opportunity to serve as President.

Finally, thank you all for the tremendous work you are doing for mental health and psychiatry.

Pakistan Zindabad! Jazak Allak Khair!

PPS Vision / PPS Mission Statement

Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Afridi MD, FCPS, FRCP
President, Pakistan Psychiatric Society
Dean, Faculty of Psychiatry, College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan
Dean, JPMC (Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre), Karachi, Pakistan
Dean, Faculty of Medicine, JSMU (Jinnah Sindh Medical University), Karachi.
Chairman, Faculty of Psychiatry, JSMU, Karachi
Head, Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences, JPMC,
Member, Sindh Health Care Commission

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Prof. Dr. Nasar Sayeed Khan

President PPS 2017-2018

Message from President

It is indeed an honour to serve as President of PPS for 2017-2018. PPS has been my professional home since I first began post-graduation. Over the course of the past 30 years of my career, PPS has been an important source of support, information, and on-going professional development. My decision to take an active role in the association was instilled by the way the psychiatric practice is done in Pakistan and the way our seniors handle the crises situation with colleagues and juniors. The graduate faculty and mentors who themselves modelled the importance of engagement and service to professional associations and in dreams and reality the existence of differences. My hope I was that each one of us will take every opportunity to convey that message to all psychiatrists and non-member colleagues with whom we interact. PPS influence with policy makers, government officials, research funding organizations, and indeed the general public, is strengthened when the organization is able to capitalize on the collective wisdom of the entire psychiatric community in Pakistan and abroad.

Over the past couple of years the Executive body worked through its review of Board composition and any required revision of the current bylaws. To some of you, this may seem like a rather dry and uninteresting initiative, and yet, it is vital to ensuring our members and PPS’s various constituents are represented in a manner that reflects best practices in governance. Please look for website and consider becoming a life member in order to ensure your viewpoint is heard. If you are unable to attend the virtual meetings and then please join us on the web and participate in the academic and other activities of Society.. A core component of my mandate during this presidential year was to consolidate the team, make it an academic and prosperous society where youngsters and seniors can participate equally.

This coming year PPS also hold two events that are sure to be critical to shaping the future of our discipline. I am very excited about these initiatives and look forward to updating you on their progress as they continue to take shape.

Finally, over this coming year I look forward to working with PPS’s executives, we have enhanced the funds from few to more than ten million, we have reconstituted the new executives designation, so that all members are able to contribute and be responsible for some improvements. There are now Executives for publication, ethics, Media, Awareness and preventive psychiatry. In an effort to ensure that the needs of all society are considered and met to the best of our ability. Our executives reflect the diversity and richness of our discipline and serve as an essential means through which the science, practice, and education of psychiatry are fully animated. In that spirit, I encourage those of you who do not belong to a society to consider doing so.